Three Ways to Improve Your Company’s Online Reach Right Now

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

As we continue to move headfirst into the age of big data, the most commonly referenced metric in determining the success of a brand’s marketing efforts is its reach: how many potential customers are actually seeing/interacting/consuming your brand. While many turn to banner ads and email chains, these options can prove costly and time consuming, while very rarely resulting in tangible success. Here are three ways you can expand your reach today without surrendering your finite funds and time.

1. Content, content, content: In a world where over 700 million people use Facebook daily, making a social media presence can seem like a daunting task. In order to stand out from the crowd, your content must be funny, memorable, and attractive. Easy, right? Wrong, but this is precisely where a digital marketing agency can help. With a good idea of the intended brand identity, agencies use their fine-tuned skill to extend their reach to places many companies could never do alone.

2. Find your medium: Just as your product or service uses certain tools and channels to find your customer, the digital platforms you choose to reach your target customers has a dramatic impact on your reach. Allow a digital marketing company to determine the right networks for you, and you’ll be shocked at how much more effective your campaigns can be.

3. Understand your environment: This idea goes hand in hand with the previous idea, but understanding your target market is critical to effectively reaching them. As your begin your business, it is important to know your local markets, and despite popular belief, digital marketing in Los Angeles is dramatically different than in, say Denver, so having the expertise of a marketing professional in the area helps curate your social media presence to effectively reach those you can sell to, while avoiding the unnecessary efforts of reaching those to whom you can’t.

About the Author:
Pierre Zarokian is a digital marketer that started his career in the mid 90’s. He is the CEO of iClimber, a social media marketing company that also offers content writing services and Submit Express. He is also an expert in Wikipedia Page Creation and Editing Services. He also writes for several online publications, such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch.