Benjamin Gordon discusses 7 Things be Wished he had Learned Sooner

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Article by Benjamin Gordon.

My journey in business has been eventful, and mostly successful. As in life, I’ve learned many enjoyable lessons, and a few painful ones, too. Most of it was memorable, and it is from those experiences that I share the below: the  top seven things I wished I’d learned sooner.

  1. You don’t know everything! When you’re the boss, people always think you know a lot more than you actually do. I’ve compensated for this by learning how to be a good listener. I allow my people to speak and give their opinions. We discuss the issues and share our points of view. We benefit from each other’s knowledge.
  2. Get rid of those who bring a negative vibe to the organization. We all know naysayers and pessimists. Avoid having them work for your company, and certainly don’t allow them into your inner circle.
  3. Display strong leadership skills. What does this mean? Employees depend on us for guidance and encouragement. The process is smoother, the participants happier, and project results are better when there’s intentional management.
  4. Don’t spread yourself too thin. The temptation to get involved in too many projects at once is pervasive. When you try to do this, before you know it, you’re no longer effective at anything. You’re overly-tired and burned-out, and all projects will suffer.
  5. Ignore the Dream Stealers. Some people will understand and share your vision while others may feel threatened by or try to discourage it. Your dreams and convictions are personal.  Sharing your vision with casual acquaintances may not yield the desired response.
  6. Stay focused on your current goals. Avoid the temptation of devoting time and resources to an excessive number of goals at the expense of any one of them. It’s important to give sufficient attention to a goal until it is achieved.
  7. Balance work and personal life. I started out working crazy hours. My girlfriend rarely saw me. Even after we’d hired 80 employees, I was still working sixteen-hour days. That girl is now my wife and we have children, and it’s important to carve out time for family. Nobody ever regretted not spending more time at the office.
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About The Author:
Benjamin Gordon is Managing Partner for BG Strategic Advisors (BGSA), a leading investment banking firm in the supply chain sector.  BGSA specializes in helping supply chain CEOs to maximize their companies’ value via mergers, acquisitions, capital-raising, merchant banking, and other strategic initiatives. Benjamin is also Managing Partner for Cambridge Capital, a merchant bank investing in the supply chain arena.