Small Office Upgrades to Make Your Life Easier

Summary: When you spend a lot of your week working in an office, every little bit of help to make the day go by smoother can go a long way.

A lot of the planning for how to make the organization more effective and increase profits revolves around big picture concepts. There is, however, benefit to looking into potential micro changes you can make to enhance your workflow. Analyzing some of the smaller elements of your workflow can help you find ways to reduce stress. Here are some small office upgrades you can make to do just that.

Wireless Peripherals

If you work at a desk you probably spend a lot of time behind a computer. The cables connected to your mouse and keyboard might not seem like a big hassle until you experience working without them. Having the freedom to move your peripherals around wherever you want can give you more freedom when you work. Some models can even handle multiple devices so you can transition from working at your desk to doing maintenance on the video wall systems without needing to unplug or sync anything.

Blue Light Eyeglasses

Looking at screens for multiple hours is something common to most command center workers. Staring at screens for extended periods of time can be physically fatiguing. Scientists have learned that screens, from your smartphone to a workstation monitor from, emit harsh blue lights that can be harmful. The amount of time you might spend looking at a screen, coupled with short distance between your eyes and the source of the blue light, can ultimately lead to unwanted eye damage. Blue light eyeglasses can filter the blue light out, allowing you to work undisturbed.