What Is the Best RV Internet for Online Gaming?

If you are someone whose interests in online gaming and long trips on the road overlap, you may be wondering what the best RV Internet options are for your lifestyle. RVers who plan on taking the intensity of online competition with them on their next extended journey will need RV WiFi plans that are fast, perform well, and carry low levels of latency. While satellite Internet for camping may work for online gaming, many users may run into problems associated with satellite Internet’s high levels of latency. Highly competitive online games such as first-person shooters and MOBAs require the utmost timing and precision, which can be disrupted by lag, rubberbanding, and other products of high latency.

For this reason, gaming enthusiasts living in their RVs may want to consider signing up for an RV mobile Internet service provider such as UbiFi. Instead of satellites, companies like UbiFi use 4G cell towers all throughout America to provide Internet signals. This setup gives them a reach that extends even into highly remote rural areas. Furthermore, the short distance between RVs on the road and cell towers on the ground ensures lower levels of latency that are ideal for online gaming. UbiFi products also give users the option to subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service, which will allow consoles to connect to mobile Internet.

Because 4G LTE networks use private IP addresses, some users may have difficulties connecting to 4G Internet through consoles. If you are consistently getting “Strict NAT” or “NAT Type 3” errors, MoFi Cloudlink gives users their own private IP address and encrypted VPN, which helps circumvent these errors. Be sure to consider all available options before choosing an Internet service provider.