Glassdoor Enables Job Seekers to Research Workplaces & Helps Employers Promote Their Brands to Land the Best Candidates

Article by Reputation Stars.

As the online job marketplace continues to evolve, Glassdoor gives both job seekers and employers what they need to compete in the fast-paced digital age. For prospective employees, Glassdoor provides a comprehensive database of company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews, benefits reviews, and office photos for approximately 700,000 companies. Companies have access to a resource center that helps them promote their brand and better reach their ideal candidates, and Glassdoor experts research and relay the latest developments within the job market. Millions of businesses use Glassdoor to boost their employee engagement and find the most qualified candidates in an ever-expanding field of online job hunters.

The job search process has changed dramatically in recent years, shifting the employer-candidate dynamic. With 4 million jobs posted online every month, prospective employees have become much more selective, meaning companies must be proactive in recruiting.

With so many job seekers doing their homework before applying for a job, employers can no longer just post a position online and pick through the best-of-the-best resumés. They must not only actively seek candidates but also maintain a reputation as an attractive place to work.

In this new era of employment scrutiny, Glassdoor has emerged as an invaluable resource for both sides of the job market.

Job Seekers who are trying to find more information on companies have access to a database of reviews, insight from employees, and tips from candidates who have gone through the interview process.

On the other side, Glassdoor for Employers offers recruiting and branding solutions to help companies attract the ideal candidates.

With Glassdoor, organizations can promote themselves to candidates who are doing their due diligence and advertise jobs to a national field of desirable candidates. And all of the company information on Glassdoor comes from reputable sources — mainly current and former employees — making it uniquely transparent in the often murky world of online job hunting.

Allowing Companies to Effectively Recruit in the Era of Social Media

Gone are the days of newspaper classified ads and old-fashioned paper applications. Today, job seekers — especially millennials — are not only using the web but are increasingly leveraging social media networks, like Instagram and Facebook, to crowdsource information on companies and job opportunities.

For companies, Glassdoor is a major piece of that recruiting puzzle because the platform provides potential hires with the authentic information they often search for on other social media channels. The site’s workplace reviews, job postings, interview information, and other ratings reach more than 41 million unique users each month — including mobile.

Businesses can begin with a free employer account to update profile information, respond to reviews posted by current and former employees, and gather information on who is viewing their profile. Employers also have access to research and guidance on how to recruit through social media platforms and what type of content works best on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

An enhanced account enables employers to tell their own stories with customized content and job postings, reviews, and interviews showcasing their company. An enhanced account also allows employers to post photos, videos, and social media content. Businesses can track how their rating and CEO approval score — key metrics often viewed by potential employees — compares to other organizations, as well.

Glassdoor job postings reach tens of millions of job seekers and attract highly qualified candidates, meaning fewer resumés for a hiring manager to look through. In fact, a study by a third-party recruitment agency showed that companies with job postings on Glassdoor needed half the number of resumés to make a hire.

An Informative Resource for Job Hunters Researching Companies

The main reason Glassdoor is such a useful tool for businesses is because of its reputation among job seekers. Glassdoor builds trust with those exploring the job market through candid workplace reviews of 700,000 companies from current and former staff, salary and benefits details, and inside information about interviews from people who have gone through the process.

It also shares information on company culture, work-life balance, and other firsthand details. Glassdoor also routinely produces lists of the best places to interview and work, and the best employers for paid vacation and time off. For large national firms, information on salary and company reviews are broken down by specific office location.

Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth tool allows job hunters to input information on work experience and background to determine their market value and fair salary in the current market. And through the company’s mobile app, users can access Glassdoor’s wealth of information at all times.

Users can search job postings by industry or location and see lists of featured companies that are currently hiring. The site also provides tips on writing cover letters and resumés, interviewing, and negotiating a fair salary, making Glassdoor more of a comprehensive resource than other job sites.

Expert Analysis on the Latest Job Market Developments and Trends

In addition to its massive database of company-specific information, Glassdoor has expert research on the latest trends and developments in the job market.

Software job growth has risen sharply in retail since 2012, a fact highlighted in a 2017 Glassdoor study.

Economists and data analysts break down the numbers to give users insight on the short-term and long-term impact of the job and wage growth, and the unemployment rate in the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report.

Local Pay Reports break down the year-to-year average pay growth for metropolitan areas across the country and list the jobs with the fastest and slowest salary growth.

For more in-depth insights, trend articles take a detailed look at developments such as the increase in technology industry jobs outside of Silicon Valley and other well-known tech hubs. The site’s presentations section brings together some of the latest analysis on pertinent job-related topics — in video form — and features commentary by Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain.

Glassdoor: A Valuable Tool for Brands and Prospective Employees

With the internet and social media driving the job market, retailers need to establish a strong online brand reputation to attract the best candidates. With 41 million users and a massive database of company reviews and insider info, Glassdoor is a valuable resource for establishing brand prominence.

Job seekers, meanwhile, have access to nationwide postings by location or industry and a treasure trove of inside information including company reviews, salaries, and tips for navigating the application and interviewing processes.

The wealth of job listings, resources, and insights have made Glassdoor an important outlet for companies seeking to tell their stories and attract strong candidates in search of the ideal workplace.

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