Critical Elements of Ground Power Units for Maintenance Purposes

Written by: Start Pac

Summary: Ground power units are essential pieces of equipment that play a significant role in optimal performance.

Aircraft maintenance starts with the machinery and tools that are utilized. Thorough inspections and adjustments are being made on a consistent basis to ensure that the aircraft is operational and running at optimal condition One of the most crucial pieces of equipment is the ground power unit, which supplies a steady stream of power to the aircraft once attached.

The Importance of GPUs in Airports

Depending on the model, the 24 volt power supply will function in place of the onboard APU, powering the electronics, air conditioning unit, etc. This is an important step for maintenance crews due to the fact that the plane, once taxied, requires immediate attention to prepare it for the next flight. By giving the APU a break, so to speak, the GPU allows maintenance crews to engage in their operations without having to leave the plan running solely on the APU.

Centralized Power

A 28 volt battery pack can function either through a specially-designed system or connected to a source, as many airports use. Consider it like this, a ground power unit is planted within the airport. The connections and wirings of all the GPUs in the airport make their way to a centralized power source, which feeds all of the units at once. This makes for an efficient way of powering each GPU that needs to supply adequate power to each aircraft.