Antivirus Software: Choosing a Free Program Versus a Paid Software

Summary: There are noticeable differences between free antivirus programs and paid ones.

When it comes to safeguarding your PC from the threat of viruses and malware, you’ll likely turn to an antivirus software. The brand and type of program that you choose however, depends on your budget and preference. Typically, there are two types of antivirus software out there, the free products, and the paid ones. Here’s a brief breakdown of the two so you can have a feel for what suits you the best.

The Performance Test

When it comes to basic performance, both software types are relatively the same. Now, some might be faster then others but don’t expect the most expensive type of software to be head and shoulders above the competition. It all comes down to what the software is capable of.

The only noticeable difference between these two types is how it detects new threats. Paid products are likely to pick up these threats and warn you about the possible dangers. Some users tend to complain that there are false warnings when it comes to the free programs.

Technical Support and Other Features

Free programs tend to offer no telephone technical support in the case you need assistance using the software itself. This can be a deal-break for small businesses and companies that have to shoulder a load of multi-tasking and program use. Additionally, free programs do not offer any parental controls that keep children off inappropriate sites or warn them about cyberbullying. Paid programs have a variety of features that offer the user to personalize their software to their liking.

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