The basics of a data center

There are not many central elements of a proper data center. In this article, we will discuss the main components that make up a data center. Even if you are not setting up your data center, this information is important for companies looking at options for LA colocation or other hosting services.


The power coming into the data center needs to be clean and reliable. Also, there should be at least one redundant path from a separate geographical location. The UPS systems in use should support at least 150% of the time it takes for the generator to switch over during a power failure. The onsite generator should have enough fuel to run for 48 hours with contracts in place for deliveries during an outage.


There should be redundancy for both the core network and the ISP uplinks. Los Angeles colocation edge switches can serve a rack and do not require redundancy as long as the core is redundant.


Make sure the cooling ties into the UPS and battery system and the generators. Also, there should be a redundant cooling solution. The cooling system should maintain a stable 70f regardless of the outside temperature. Other standards might specify different operating temperatures.


A proper data center should have video surveillance, logs, and biometrics. Only authorized personnel should have access to enter the data center. Another important element of security is individual keys for each rack.