Where to Get Funding for a New Business

This is probably a topic you’ll want to discuss at the very beginning of your business idea. You may have explored every facet of the process to build a successful web store. Now you have a much better grasp of what it will take to create abundance. You know that you’ll need a web designer, […]

How Overstock Became a Leading Innovator in E-Commerce By Investing in Financial Technology and Small Merchants

In the late 1990s, the growing popularity of the internet laid the groundwork for Overstock.com to bring the benefits of e-commerce to both retailers and consumers. Launched in 1999 as a website for retailers of all sizes to liquidate excess inventory of consumer household goods, Overstock.com has grown both its product offerings and its reach. While its […]

Glassdoor Enables Job Seekers to Research Workplaces & Helps Employers Promote Their Brands to Land the Best Candidates

Article by Reputation Stars. As the online job marketplace continues to evolve, Glassdoor gives both job seekers and employers what they need to compete in the fast-paced digital age. For prospective employees, Glassdoor provides a comprehensive database of company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews, benefits reviews, and office photos for approximately 700,000 companies. Companies have access to a […]