Why You Should Use a Password Manager

Summary: Using a password manager is essential in a world where a lot of what we do is online.

A lot of our day-to-day activities revolve around the internet. Watching movies, shopping, keeping in touch, and reading up on the news can all very easily take place on your phone or laptop. You likely have a number of passwords you cycle through, which is where a password manager would be very helpful.

All of Your Accounts in One Spot

It seems like nearly every website or service you might use requires you to create an account. You could have dozens upon dozens of different accounts you use on a daily basis. Trying to remember all of the different account details or storing them in a document simply does not sound very practical. You can use a password manager to easily keep all of your passwords in one single app.

Smart Passwords

One of the best features of many popular password managers is the ability to create smart passwords. Using your last name and a few numbers is not a very secure password that someone could eventually guess. Major password managers can generate complicated passwords consisting of numbers, symbols, and case-sensitive letters you do not need to remember. You can simply copy and paste the password, meaning that you do not need to reuse the same passwords over and over again.

Synced Across Devices

An additional big feature of a password manager is the ability to sync your information across devices. Having access to your passwords on your phone, tablet, and laptop can make your life much easier. Simply having to remember one master password to get into the manager can save you a lot of time and stress.

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