What’s the most important trait to look for in a PC?

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Shopping for a new PC can be an overwhelming experience when you have so many products to choose from and so many pros and cons to consider. Computer companies will tout their products’ features as better than their competitors, but which of these features truly matter? The features you prefer may depend on what you want out of a PC, but there is one trait every good PC should have.

One of the most important features any PC should have is a powerful processor. Computers cannot run quickly or efficiently without a processor that can break down complex information. According to John Papiewski of It Still Works, processor speed is essential to a computer’s overall performance because it allows computers to complete more tasks and run more complicated software. No one enjoys using a slow computer, and having the right amount of processing power can make your computer lightning-fast.

Furthermore, using a laptop for gaming requires a first-rate processor because modern games are very technically demanding due to their complicated, elaborate programming. That’s why high-quality gaming PCs such as the Acer Gaming Set and the HP Omen Obelisk use some of the best processors in the world, namely the Intel Core i5-i7 series.

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