The advantages of local colocation

Switching to colocation makes a lot of sense to many organizations now. You get the infrastructure and security of a dedicated facility at the same or lower costs of hosting your own data center. Then there is local colocation where you still maintain physical access to your systems, unlike moving to the cloud. Here are some of the advantages of LA colocation:


With a local facility, you get access to your physical servers around the clock. This convenience is probably the biggest advantage of locating your servers somewhere across the country means you can get locked out and are at the mercy of the local admin staff. Anyone on the authorized access list can go in and work on the servers at any time.


For any enterprise level outfit, security is a big concern. Colocation facilities have security 24 hours a day. Some even allow rack level security keys to restrict access to your racks. If you are looking for a standard, according to Rack Alley SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance is highly secured and perfect for small and enterprise customers.


When you sign up for colocation at a data center, you have to take their word for it when it comes to backup systems in place for all main infrastructure like power, cooling and equipment servicing. When the data center is local, you have direct knowledge of all the providers and fail-safe systems. This level of knowledge gives peace of mind for both the management and the IT staff.