Portable air conditioning in the data center

Did you know that with a single portable air conditioner, you can maintain the temperature of your server room better or deal with larger variations in thermal load from your equipment? In other words, whenever you have a potential cooling crisis on your hands, whether it is because of unforeseen thermal loads or higher ambient temperatures, you can offset that with a rental portable air conditioner.

What’s more, if you take the provisioning of portable cooling into account, you can reduce the size and therefore the initial capital cost of the data center cooling system to accommodate your immediate load without too much concern for future growth.

There are two possible uses for portable air conditioning in the data center.

The first is in an emergency as was alluded to above. Most data centers and server rooms with redundant air conditioners will switch from one to another every few hours. However, if one fails then a portable a/c is the ideal solution as a temporary backup.

The other scenario is in the event of a server migration. When you transfer loads from one redundant system to another, you increase the load, and therefore the thermal output of the secondary system. You can use the portable a/c as a supplementary cooling unit until the primary systems are back online, which distributes the heat between the two systems.