How to Integrate Social Media Into Your App

As the majority of smartphone users also use social media such as Facebook or Twitter, it makes sense for those who want a mobile app to think about some form of social media integration. In fact, one of the most common requests that mobile app developers Los Angeles get from their clients is to include some social features in their app. If you’re thinking of doing the same thing, here are some things to consider:

What Kind of Social Features You Want Your App to Have

This will depend mainly on what your app does. Some of the simplest social integration features include enabling your app users to “like” or “follow” you on the social networks that your business uses, or making a post on their account which encourages their followers to download your mobile app as well. Of course, more advanced social integration is possible. For example, iPhone app developers Los Angeles who create a mobile game for you can let players share their scores on their Facebook page.

Whether You Will Do the Work Yourself or Hire Developers to Help You

If you’re developing the app yourself, it’s not that difficult to add social features. The iOS 6 platform was built with social sharing in mind. Development tools include a “social framework” that simplify adding the necessary code to your app. Android app development tools have similar features. However, if you’re having trouble making it work, you can hire professional developers to help you out.