How to Get the Ideal Working Environment for a Control Room

Summary: The ideal working environment consists of several factors. Here’s some of the most common that can be addressed relatively easily.

Today’s control centers have changed significantly. With new technology continuously being introduced into the working environment, plenty of designs are being retired.

Now, in 2018, an appropriate working environment consists of a plethora of new equipment, accessories, and ergonomic seats. However, one provision that’s consistently overlooked is the overall setting of the center.


Speech communication is an important aspect of every command center. Furthermore, the auditory needs of the environment must also be specified. To control the noise levels, you’ll want to inform the contractor of factors that include room and console finishes, equipment noise output, and other external sources. Keep in mind the acoustics of the room and ensure that the noise reduction coefficient is kept at a reasonable number.

Room Quality

Two underrated components of a solid working environment include air temperature and quality. Normally, people often criticize control rooms for the lack of consistent temperature. It’s important to keep room temperatures hovering around 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity of 40 to 55 percent. This will keep the operators both awake and alert, and is especially important for consistent environment.


In order to keep a consistent environment, you’ll want the equipment room separate to house servers, CPUs, and other equipment pieces. Normally, a large source of heat will come from processors and computers at the operators’ desks. Fans can also pose a problem in terms of noise. An alternative to this can be water cooling, which removes the fan aspect from the issue and ensures a quiet cooling operation.

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