How Network Operations Tools Can Be More Effective

Summary: New network operations requirements are forcing operators to develop specific tools to meet the increasing demands.

In today’s increasingly demanding networks, network operations tools need to meet these complex demands. However, the limitation of today’s network tools is causing much concern.

As networks begin to evolve to next generation IP and optical technologies, cloud networking, and network functions virtualization, certain tools must also adapt to these changes and improve substantially in order to thrive. The question is: can these tools scale to meet the challenges that are presented in today’s network operations environment?

Innovation is Unsurprisingly Surpassing Expectations

Technology is surging. Innovative network management systems are firing on all cylinders, and the emergence of network assurance visualization tools is helping enhance troubleshooting, analytics, and monitoring. The rapidly changing virtualized network environments are unlocking new potential for assurance visualization approaches that will undoubtedly change the way network operations tools are utilized. For instance, network operations center video wall services are evolving rapidly, increasing the overall need for tools to help provide a more virtually insightful approach for these services that will enable operators to gain a wealth of real-time data in an effective way.

Constant Technologies, Inc., a global solutions company, has taken the necessary steps needed to diagnose problems in a network with high fault volumes. Their seasoned operators have adapted to the aforementioned changes and are isolating problems efficiently through the use of better fault management and network operations tools.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to note that traditional fault management can slow down worker efficiency and cause significant network problems if not dealt with in a specific manner. The impediment of this efficiency causes the industry to suffer without any solution in sight.