Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser

When Flynn talked to the Russian diplomat, he lied and said he didn’t talk about the sanctions but the intelligence agencies snooped on the call and found otherwise.

No, this is not some mean action by former Obama officials. Flynn violated the Logan Act, a federal law that’s been in place since 1799 making it illegal for private, non-governmental US citizens to make deals or simply negotiate with foreign governments that have a dispute with the U.S. Flynn was a private citizen at the time he negotiated with the Russians, since he made the particular call that he’s been fired about, on Dec 29 2016, in the middle of the time period between the election and Trump’s inauguration. And since Trump hadn’t been inaugurated yet, he was also a private citizen. The fact that he had just been elected didn’t indemnify him from having to follow the Logan Act. He gave the orders to Flynn to reassure the Russians that Trump would lift the sanctions that President Obama had imposed on Russia for hacking the 2016 election. So Trump would be in violation of the Logan Act too. I don’t think the fact that he’s president now would somehow indemnify him, but we’ll see.

Trump and his people showed, and even said, during the period between the election and the inauguration, that they believed the election meant that they were immediately in charge. I’m guessing that this is what they may have been thinking–that they thought they were either suddenly indemnified from laws like the Logan Act, or could get away with violating these laws by figuring out ways to prevent themselves from being prosecuted after Trump was in office. But they’re completely wrong.

More indications of their mindset are the Nixonian statements by Trump and his people after the inauguration, and then after the details about Flynn’s actions came to light:
• In effect, nothing the President does is illegal;
• It’s especially not illegal if you don’t get caught;
• Fire the messenger;
• Fire the prosecutor (or the potential one, the acting US attorney general that Trump fired, who revealed to Trump weeks ago that Flynn had talked to the Russians about the sanctions);
• The real problem is the leaks about the crime, not the crime itself.