CIA Can hack into your phone according to Wikileaks!

CIA has created software that can hack into most smartphones, including Android and iPhones, according to documents recently released by Wikileaks.

Their claim that they can tap calls through Signal, would require the hacker to break into the BaseBand, or hack through to the SS7 network that ties cellular phones together. But it takes a lot of resources to do this, check out Wikileaks for the details on how they are able to break into your phone. iPhone is much more difficult, because Apple does not give the iPhone access to the base band, but there IS a way to do this, but Apple is closed mouth on how they are able to do it. The earlier versions of the IOS operating system did have some modules and libraries in XCode (development platform for iPhone and iPad), that can access the base band, but later versions of the OS will not do that anymore, and this is why SnoopSnitch won’t work on iPhone, and only on Specific older versions of Android. SnoopSnitch is released by SRLabs in Berlin, who discovered the SS7 flaws.


I have always assumed my devices are compromised. best course of action is not to reveal sensitive data over the net at all times.
People are tripping about their phone being compromised when it already is so from the get go, your phone communicates with at least three cell phone towers at any moment. the ping replies from said towers can easily pin point you. now this data us logged. so an artificially intelligent program query those logs. lets say a crime was committed at place a,b,and c. the artificially intelligent program can query those locations and determine that that device was present at each location.i am not even going to mention the power of facial recognition and the fact that most businesses send in their security footage to a central facial recognition server, but the extent of what is possible is extreme. My idea is to use geostationary satellites to track citizens with infrared technology and AI. Yes we are screwed.